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“ Act as preferred representative for world’s renowned suppliers, as well as local ones for catering Pakistan Polymer Industry at par level of Satisfaction for provision of Machinery, Raw Material, Marketing and Consultancy and to assist our customers being their Success Partner beyond the boundary restrictions and a reliable name in Trade of Plastic Filler. We believe in operating clean, with efficient facilities Environmentally and socially responsible manner and to stay as an ethical corporate citizens to ensure fair business operations and to the entire satisfaction of our all business partners. ”


“ Our vision is to be Your Success Partner, who is always be there to come with an innovative idea, to support in strategic formulation and to ride over every wave of change, emergent to Globalization. ”

Company History

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  • 2004-2006


    Enlisted with Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd
    Became the exclusive agent for United Colors Ltd (Thailand)
    Became the exclusive agent for Jeil Chemicals Co. Ltd (Korea)
    Obtained contract for over a dozen imported cargoes of Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd
    Captured 70% share of woven bags for Rice Exporters
    Started Manufacturing facility of Polyethylene in blown film with one extruder and with seven lines
    Started local trading on behalf of PolyPack (Pvt.) Limited and Omni Polymer Packages (Pvt.) Ltd
    Started catering the Food Sector of Punjab
    Started venturing in the market of machinery of plastic industry in Pakistan and Middle East
    Started Agency Business for Lohia Starlinger Started importing machinery of plastic industry from India.
    Machinery breakthrough by capturing 70 % of market share in PP Woven Bag Sector.

  • 2007-2010

    Exclusively marketed industrial names i.e. ATM, Warda Mill & Garibsons
    Established a regional office in Lahore
    Got agency from Rajoo Engineering Limited for Pakistan and Middle East
    Ventured in Spare part supplies with total Inventory System (Lohia Corp)
    Established an independent spare parts division because of growth in sales
    Provided comprehensive assistance to Omni Polymer packages in expanding its full fledged project by installing high speed tape producing plant.
    Stepped in UAE market with supplies of raw material, spare parts and machinery
    Generated tremendous Sales Revenue from Spare parts division
    Channelized quantifiable supplies of WPP bags to TCP, FFC, WFP
    Catering the major part of domestic market by importing and trading of machinery with the name of TPL

  • 2011-2016

    We Became Popular Firm

    Sold over 600 Circular Looms
    Sold over 12 Woven Sack Projects
    Sold over 5 Multilayer Film project to packaging Industry
    Captured 67% Market Share in WPP Machinery sector and 23% share in overall Packaging Industry.
    Introduced high speed machine and Low energy consumption machinery all over the Pakistan and changed the dynamics of Industry in terms of quality and efficiency

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